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At Dunamis Heating & Mechanical Services Ltd, we are your trusted experts in ensuring the smooth operation and optimal performance of your mechanical systems. With years of industry experience, our highly skilled technicians specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for all your building maintenance needs. From HVAC systems to plumbing, electrical, and more, we pride ourselves on delivering efficient, reliable, and cost-effective services. Whether it is routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or system upgrades, our team is dedicated to keeping your mechanical infrastructure in top-notch condition. Experience the difference of our expertise and professionalism as we strive to exceed your expectations and enhance the longevity of your building's mechanical systems.


Additional services we can provide include:

  • Building Management Systems (BMS) & Controls

  • Water Treatment Services

  • Electrical Testing & Installations

  • Fire & Security Alarms

  • General & Emergency Lighting

  • Building Fabric & Glazing

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